About us

Mustang-Italia S.r.l. was created from the owners passion of this particular car (Mustang). Lee Iacocca was the president of Ford Division and in the sixties he was the brain behind the project of Mustang.

In order to guarantee quality, professionalism, fairness and transparency, it is a single-brand and single-model importer, unique on the Italian market, to address those who have a desire in their hearts and wish to guide them.

The conception of the company is structured in such a way that the customer is followed by the evaluation of the vehicle, the purchase, the after-sales assistance in a professional manner and with written guarantees in all its phases.

The same professionalism and experience is applied by our company in the continuous search for new products and accessories of automotive inspiration is unique in the international market.

This research led us to select specialized clothing and accessory brands. Some of these brands that are offered to our demanding customers are Gulf, Warson and FH.

If youre into cars, engines and professional car racers that have left their legacy in automotive  history, you will be able to appreciate the quality and variety of the products in this shop.